Uk49s Lunchtime Results and Latest Teatime Result

UK49s Lunchtime Results and Teatime Results are out. The 49s lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in the UK, South Africa, and worldwide. It is only for lottery lovers who cannot wait long for results or winning prizes. UK 49s is for those who are working in an office and live betting. Here you found the results update every day. You can see lotto results twice a day as lunchtime results and teatime results.

UK49s Lottery Results 2022

But what precisely is UK 49s Lotto? How do you play, and how much will you win? Here is almost everything you need to know about the  UK 49s results. Before moving further, let’s take a review of what 49s is.

UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results For Today

Uk49s Lunchtime Latest Results

UK 49’s Ltd organizes the lottery, and it operates two instances in a day. The UK lunchtime outcomes are posted correctly after the Uk 49s lunchtime draw.

So, you can find the 49s lottery result from our website For the live and day-by-day updates about the 49s result, you have to look for the platform which gives you each day’s updates. No other site is as high in this regard as we are. We exclusively carry the first-class and modern effects of UK49s Lunchtime and Teatime results in 2022.

UK49s Lunchtime Results 2022

27 January 2022791131333519
26 January 20229151929374739
24 January 20227111327464933
23 January 202215223136444520
22 January 20225102126374140
21 January 20224141922303529
20 January 20226101530334713
19 January 20225253841434540
18 January 202215232936374627
17 January 202215192636454829
16 January 202246825374331
15 January 2022451929374412
14 January 202210142236374847
13 January 20222293238414414
12 January 202215233238414617
11 January 20222630334243488
10 January 20222325354145495
09 January 20223102032334344
08 January 20226142937444822
07 January 202212323137444924
06 January 202216814414229
05 January 2022281121334124
04 January 20227122325273045
03 January 202212161930444514
02 January 202224313742474941
01 January 2022582531424426

UK Teatime Results 2022

27 January 2022271232374615
26 January 2022161017224445
24 January 20223112027313248
23 January 202214141821292
22 January 2022781516202432
21 January 20223223031344821
20 January 20229242739404410
19 January 20222262937424948
18 January 202227151825351
17 January 202245141625351
16 January 20223141624294922
15 January 2022
14 January 20222369384827
13 January 20222132530444647
12 January 2022292426394133
11 January 202225223334451
10 January 202214232632404822
09 January 20223102032334344
08 January 2022
07 January 2022571728283715
06 January 20224172335374718
05 January 20221116283136494
04 January 20222428293035426
03 January 20221725333541471
02 January 2022520293044493
01 January 20225182833414739

What is 49s?

The 49s lottery is a draw that takes place twice a day, daily. In the UK, 49s There is a 49s lunchtime draw, and a 49s teatime draws every day of the week.
49s is named after the range of balls that are in play. UK 49s Lotto is distinct from popular lotteries, as every bookmaker has special rules.

How do you play UK49s Lotto?

To play, you pick whether or not you would like to play in the six-ball draw or seven-ball draw. The 7 ball draw consists of the Booster ball. And consequently will increase your probability of winning. In the 6 ball draw, you pick up to 5 numbers from the first six to be drawn. In the 7 ball draw, you select up to 5 numbers from all seven drawn.

Unlike different UK lotteries, the 49s lottery is based totally on having a betting system. After deciding on a draw and your numbers, you’ll want to determine the quantity you would like to bet. Since there are two attractions a day, you will want to pick out which day by day attracts you to play in both the lunchtime or teatime draw. You can additionally pick out to play in a couple of draws.


• Participants’ ages should be 16 years to get the scratch cards.
• The tickets are now not transferable.
• Lottery lovers can purchase these tickets in my view or online. The resident of the UK having a financial institution account can’t buy the tickets online.

UK49s Results For Playing Lotto

There are some rules for playing 49’s lotto, and it is necessary to observe these policies to win. Understanding these regulations is a should for residents and outdoor people of the UK.

• Make favorable the cutting-edge decision to be from the final draw determination. Then, the participant can effortlessly play the lunchtime raffle
• The time of lunchtime is about 1 pm.
• The tea time draw consists of the previous computation.
• If any person constantly loses five stakes, then one can begin from 1.
• There is no limit for betting, and that’s why this UK 49s lotto is well-known for each online and offline use.

Tips to Enhance your Possibilities to Win a UK 49s in South Africa

  • You have to check UK49s Results History
  • Avoid the birthday variety syndrome
  • Try UK49s Predictions
  • Bet on the odds as an alternative than play for the fortunate draw
  • Do unfold your numbers
  • Subscribe
  • Don’t pick UK49 drawn numbers currently
  • Play UK 49s Consistently
  • You can set a budget

How Does UK49s Lottery Works in South Africa?

The UK 49s became the giant lottery in South Africa due to outstanding responses from South Africans. UK 49s is performed twice a day, at lunchtime and teatime daily. The UK49s Lunchtime draw takes place from 14:50, whilst the UK49s Teatime draw takes place from 19:50. Times might also vary following bookmakers. You can bookmark UK49s Results, South Africa, for everyday consequences and updates.

UK49s Results in South Africa.

6 numbers and a bonus quantity referred to as the “Booster” are drawn from balls marked 1 to 49. South Africans can both play the 6 or 7 range draw to enlarge their probabilities of triumphing the jackpot.

UK49s Lunchtime Draw

Draw 1 of the day held at midday 12.49 pm (UK), acknowledged as Uk49s Lunchtime draw.
In a single lunchtime draw, balls ranging from variety 1 to 49 are used in the appeal. A 49er can play the UK49s lunchtime lottery through exceptional having the best stores and workplaces in South Africa and the UK.

What are the Lunchtime Results?

The UK49s lunchtime lottery is broadcast from Monday to Sunday at about 12.49 pm UK time. The lunchtime effects consist of 6 drawn numbered balls as correctly as one booster or bonus ball.

How to Play The Lunchtime Lottery?

You can predict all 7 numbers, including the booster variety, or even play simply one number. Our web page of the UK 49s Lottery Results publishes all the lunchtime consequences in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

UK49s Teatime Latest Results

Millions of humans dream of prevailing in the lottery. They prefer to comprehend how to win the lottery. But the lotto is a recreation of luck. Different gamers use their techniques to win the lottery. The essential factor is your mindset, how you will play. And how will you make the desire for digits and numbers?
To get higher consequences, you can test the UK49S teatime result history. You can select the UK49 results teatime triumphing numbers. After calculating previous UK49s teatime results, you can discover the UK49s lotto result teatime lucky numbers.

UK49s Teatime Results

The fascinating factor in 49s is that it makes it more famous than drawing twice a day. If you have misplaced the 49s lunchtime result, you can have a Teatime lotto result. You can attempt your success in the UK 49s teatime result. So we hope this statistics about the UK teatime is very beneficial for you. If you love the lottery, you can see the current UK teatime modern result today and the UK 49s lunchtime result today.

UK Teatime Results are correctly posted after the draw. This is the authentic UK Teatime Results web page The UK 49s teatime effects are posted each day after the teatime draw. Our website is the pleasant region to test the current UK 49s ultra-modern teatime result in South Africa.

What Are The Uk49s Teatime Results?

UK49s Teatime Results are the day-by-day broadcasted effects of the UK 49s teatime lottery. The teatime draw is published from Monday to Sunday at 12.49 pm UK time. The Teatime Results consist of 6 drawn numbered balls and one booster or bonus ball.

What Time Are The UK Teatime Results Draw?

The UK49s teatime consequences draw was posted after the Uk49s teatime draw. We usually make it a point to put up these outcomes on time so that you can take a look at your ticket to locate out if you’ve won. However, once in a while, it may additionally appear that we post the outcomes later than usual.

Uk49s Teatime Lotto Draw

The UK 49s Teatime Draw time is 17:49 (UK). You, Will, introduced with balls beginning from 1 to forty-nine. You want to pick out 6 numbers and one bonus ball or booster. There are bookmakers where you can play the UK49s teatime lottery in South Africa and the UK.

How To Play The UK Teatime Lotto?

You can select to play simply one quantity or predict all 7 numbers, such as the Booster range if you want. Visit any bookmaker to play the teatime lottery. The good 49s lottery internet site posts all the teatime outcomes in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Where Can A Person Play UK 49s Draw?

Lottery lovers can play this game from all over the world. One can play it online or also in the workplace. Users can play by employing a coordinate charge account strategy. After utilizing this strategy, if someone wins the lottery, the National Lottery especially informs users through email.
That’s it! You can play from a place within the world, overseas from the UK As the UK 49s rises, the requests rise as well and thus more customers.

UK49s Hot And Cold Ball & UK 49s Prediction

UK49s Predictions are the lunchtime and teatime predictions numbers. When you predict the 49s number, you bet which number will appear for lunchtime and teatime for today— Uk 49s predictions made from the previous teatime and lunchtime results.

UK 49 Predictions Are Calculated

The UK 49s Predictions for the next UK Lunchtime and Teatime Results are calculated using accumulating the outcomes from all preceding Lunchtime and Teatime draws that shared any numbers with the most recent effects draw.


The warm and bloodless quantity predictions show which numbers should appear in the next Teatime and Lunchtime Draws. These numbers are calculated based totally on the frequency of their appearances.

Check out UK49s Hot and Cold Ball Numbers

Our website exhibits both Hot and Cold predictions for the upcoming UK 49s draws for Lunchtime and Teatime. The desk additionally suggests the variety of times the range appeared. The UK 49s Predictions further take into account the average frequency of every wide variety across all Lunchtime draw

What To Do After Winning The 49s Lottery?

Prize-winning makes you comfortable. However, it also amplifies your confidence. Sometimes Overconfidence can lead you to the incorrect course, so it is better to comply with the noted steps after triumphing the prize:
• Make yourself comfy earlier than claiming the amount
• Should approach the equipped guide.
• No want to expose your identity
• Take the considerable amount
• Donate some amount to Charity.
• Taxed should be paid
• Clear your debts
• Save enough money for the future
• Make a finance list for the use of the amount


Must claim a triumphing amount inside one hundred eighty days. If no declaration is made within the due date, The National Lottery Distribution Fund distributes this amount. For the prizes having a quantity of more than 50000, the amount is launched in the geographical place in which the ticket is purchased. All the unclaimed prizes are also used for specific purposes by way of the National Lottery Distribution Fund.