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Kelly Kikx Height, & Wiki Weight, Age, Body, Family, Biography Full Profile



Kelly kikx is a comedian who is also one of the highest paid TikTok star girls. In addition to being a star on the platform, the 27-year-old is a professional actress, model and dancer. Following it on the platform is growing on a daily basis. In all, her videos have grossed 19.7 million on the social app.

Kelly kikx Short Details
Full NameKelly kikx
Alternate NamesKelly kikx
Zodiac signUpdate Soon
SpouseUpdate Soon
ParentsUpdate Soon
ChildrenUpdate Soon
ProfessionDancer and Social Star
Age In (2022)30 years old
Country NameSouth Africa
Last Update2022

About Kelly Kikx

While some TikTok stars are popular overnight, others grind hard in the hopes of reaping the benefits one day. Cape Town Tiktoker Kelly Ernstzen, 28, did it the long way but it’s now her career. Today Kelly – known as “Kelly Kikx” on social media – is a full-time content creator, model, actress and dancer. She began on YouTube in 2011 and then in 2015 moved to Musically, which is now TikTok. For her, the platform provided a comfortable space to have fun and show off her dance skills.


South African dancer, actress and social star who has earned over 950,000 fans on TikTok. His first Instagram post was on July 23, 2013. It was a photo with the well-known choreographer Chuck Maldonado.

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4 Easy Braai Salads and Side Dishes




Today it is Valentine’s Day. There isn’t anyone who can cook dinner in a setting like this , but how would we be able to make you think differently and invite you to sit around the fire (of the one you love) with your beloved or skelmpie, then having a great time with delicious and original braai meal.

We would like to show you a stroll at the beach, a simple and quick braai recipes, but none was as memorable like this. The first time we looked up a site that was called “Pant Up Aprons and Down” and we were awestruck!

We enjoyed our readers’ comments on this post, and decided to share it with you all. We hope the that Charle Visser (owner of the blog) isn’t afraid of sharing his work. If you’re interested in some more work from him, go to the bottom of the post for all the links you need. After that, let’s take a dive into this amazing food. Enjoy!


Braai salads as well as other dishes for the side are usually removed. I’m sure that the person who is the master of braai typically not a big vegetable or salad lover, and is more likely to be taking care of your guests’ chops, wors(sausage) as well as the steaks.

When I was a youngster in South Africa I remember our braai, which was about 95 percent of the meat, with perhaps a little bit of potato mayo to serve as an accompaniment.

Don’t get me wrong. Mayo potato salads are amazing. We may even develop a delicious potato salad recipes to serve to your sister-in law and auntie in law brother and transfer it on for them to use to use as their own.

In the meantime I’d like to offer some tasty and healthy braai salads as well as other recipes for your braai which will make everyone, including the carnivore with the grumpy attitude Oom Jan content.

We’ll start with two simple salads that you can make, the first one that you can ask “the Salad team” to help with. The salad first is composed of red recipe, quinoa, the smoked paprika date number, and red onion, which goes well to serve with chicken or pork on the braai.

Have it served with pork belly. I had the same dish the other night at Kiki’s Tavern, Mykonos. The quinoa salad can be found below along with the recipe at the bottom on this webpage.

Imagine eating organic, delicious chicken thighs that have been coated with fresh oregano and finished with a large amount of lemon juice fresh grated zest, a little quantity of sea salt, and black pepper which has been broken prior to the dish.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Your “salad team”(usually you and your partner or sister-in-law along with her best friend) cooks up our tiny dinner of quinoa along with the meat team(usually you, along with your brother or brother in law, and maybe a bachelor companion) may also be engaged in the preparation of other ingredients for vegetables and salads.

Get an assortment of aubergines or eggplants, also known as “bringels” also known as “blou balle” as well as some red and yellow peppers, a large portobello mushroom and some heads of the fruity gem lettuce.

Don’t worry even if you have just one of these. It’s a straightforward vegetable and salad meal it doesn’t mean that you requires cooking. Pick a few ingredients and start there.

Verify that all the vegetables have been cleaned of dirt and are clean. From now on it’s an easy and easy procedure.

How TO BREAST EGGPLANT on the grill and Serve it bestIf you’ve ignited your barbecue or braai , and you can tell that the flames are warm and inviting. Begin by roasting the aubergines until they’re done, which means they’re soft and delicious with a smokey smell. Put them aside, and then wrap them in aluminum foil or store it in the braaipan of your grandmother one of the traditional braaipans which is placed close to the fire to warm.


Next, we’ll do something very similar as the one we use for our peppers. However, the only distinction is we let them cool before peeling off the skins, with black blisters. We then remove the seeds.

It is essential to get an intense, dark and smokey flavor to ensure an authentic roast taste and cooked to soft.


To make our roasted dish of peppers we’ll clean the peppers that were cooked until only the flesh is left. After that, we’ll set them on a dish to sprinkle on a couple of spoonfuls Mascarpone, followed by anchovies or caper berries or both.

Use olive oil that is excellent and then sprinkle according to tradition , using flaky sea salt and freshly crackling black pepper.

Try this recipe for cooked peppers topped with umami-rich anchovy , and a tapenade made with black olive.


Mushrooms are another popular choice as a great dish to accompany braai. They are meaty, nutty and packed with umami when cooked properly. The perfect dish to serve with your large steak. They’re also relatively easy to make.

If you’d like to, you can remove the top layer of the cap. However, I suggest leaving it on to maintain the moistness and delicious. Cook them on a medium temperature and sprinkled with salt olive oil or butter, depending on what you like.

Mushrooms absorb oil the same way that sponges do So don’t be afraid to add more oil. Keep them turning , and let them to cook and brown until they are cooked to the perfect level.


A simple food item that will add plenty of freshness, vibrancy and crunch in your braai. Braaied salad. I didn’t think it was feasible to make the reality, but this is it. It is possible to make any kind of hard salad like cos, romaine or baby gems to make this section. The baby gem must be cut depending on what you’re using,, in half. Then, you can season it with salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Grill for a few moments on both sides, to give them a bit of color, then take them off. The food should be crisp and fresh and not overcooked. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice and olive oil or fresh honey mustard dressing could be served to be enjoyed as a snack. For honey mustard dressing mix an amalgamation of 1 teaspoon mustard dijon, 2 tablespoons of honey that are flowing and 3 tablespoons canola oil.

Imagine eating this crisp salad, fresh and vibrant with a barbecued ribeye of pork. It’s healthy, simple to make and delicious. The perfect meal for two or an informal bachelors ‘ meal. This will be an entrée of pork ribeye.


To Marinade 1 kilogram of beef Massage the beef using this recipe ingredients . Allow it to rest for a couple of minutes . For the most effective results, let it sit for up to one week.

1 tablespoon smoked spice 1 teaspoon cumin ground 1 teaspoon mustard dijon 1 cup honey Two cloves of crushed garlic. Braai it at medium-high temperature, being careful not to burn as honey is a key ingredient.

Alternately apply this adjika paste on the ribeye of the pork for an ideal Middle Eastern touch.

They are also great with this buttery, silky potato or this steakhouse-style creamy spinach recipe.

It could appear to be an enormous amount of food however, it’s not. It’s not too labor-intensive and you can even add this into the excitement of gathering around the barbecue. It’s simply a matter fact.

I cooked them all in one braai while entertaining my family and friends as I snapped photos and served the food. I recommend that you select the salad along with one side dish, then you can take the rest of the ingredients from the braai.


Pork belly braai

The Angelfish is located on the braai

Crispy salmon fillets are fried to perfection

Lamb Koftas

Are they able to be cooked on the stove, or in the oven?

You can cook the meals similarly by switching the source of heat. Ingredients like the salad, peppers and mushroom can be cooked on the stove top while the eggplant bakes in ovens in a complete way.

Disclaimer: This blog doesn’t constitute an official publication, article or publication written in the name of Braaibaas or the Braaibaas team who is employed by Braaibaas We do not assume the responsibility for any information contained on this site. Braaibaas has nothing to do with pants-down aprons.

If you found this article helpful or learned something or learned something, please comment or join my blog. You can also connect with me via my various social media channels for more tasty recipes.

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8ta Telkom Mobile codes. Recharge airtime, please call me etc




8ta Telkom Mobile codes. Airtime recharge ,…> Include this list to make sure you have the most up-to date information. up-to-date

8ta/Telkom Mobile Codes & Short Cuts

Cell C Recharge and USSD Codes Cell C Recharge as well as USSD CodesTo verify the amount of airtime remaining on your 8ta/Telkom mobiles Follow these steps:

  • Enter *188# to access the USSD # *188#.
  • Install the Telkom Mobile App Telkom Mobile App Telkom Mobile App download from Google Play Store or the Google play Store. Or from the Itunes
  • Dial 188, hit 1.

Recharge Airtime/Credit Balance

  • Dial *188*pin_number#
  • Dial 188, choose option 2, and then follow the voice prompts.

Telkom We would love to speak to you, or to contact me.

  • Dial *140*contact_number#
  • Dial *140# for more options on Telkom Call me menu. Telkom Menu for Call Me.

Customer Care

  • Call 180 with a Telkom Mobile Simcard or 081180 from another Telkom Mobile Simcard
  • Dial *180#
  • Visit their site at

Find your phone number

  • If the sim card of telkom is connected to a router or modem to find the sim card’s number, and without removing the SIM card, go to the router’s homepage by connecting and send an email message to another phone number . the number *140*contact_number#. To another phone number, dial *140*contact_number#.
  • If you call *1#. the number will be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • If you call another number and then miss a calling or sending an SMS it’s obvious however it will not function if the SIM device is connected to the modem or router, or if there’s no airtime

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Most Highest paid TikTok Stars in South Africa




TikTok obviously is taking the world with it since its launch in the year 2018. South Africa is one of the countries that has contributed lots of content through social networks. Along with their its popularity, users can earn significant wealth by sharing their content through the platform. Do you know the most highly regarded and reviews TikTok celebrities from South Africa right now? Find out more:

Similar to YouTube, Tick Tok has demonstrated the legitimacy of something to be a platform to prove that it can earn good profits. In the last few years numerous South Africans have added up to the platform and have already made it a strong. If you’re ready to go on a request, you might discover some inspirational people on this app.

Similar to consumers in other countries such as China or India, South Africans establish experiments that have been tested and are able to publish their content via TikTok. In essence, they earn revenue via streaming live, partnerships with brands and general advertisements. Here are the most popular 10 TikTok celebrities you’ll must know about.

1 Wian Magician

Wayne who’s his real identity is Van Danberg, is a South African person who performs tricks that amuse the audience. A lot of people enjoy his tricks and he’s frequently followed through the application. At present, he is on top of on the top of South African TikoTokers with the most followers. Since January, he’s posted numerous videos on the social app, which has more than the 208 million people who have liked his posts. The handle of the account is IanwianMagic. Find out more about Wian Van den Berg who is popularly referred to as Wian. It’s all you need to do is watch his videos to learn the kinds of magic tricks this illusionist is able to do. … For the purpose of perfect his skills the magician came from South Africa, studied the techniques of the most skilled illusionists around the world.

2: Daniel Vermaak:

Daniel Vermaak is a teenager pretty and gorgeous man. He created himself a TikTok identification activation (ID) on June of this year. The number of followers on her account has grown every day. He is becoming one of the nation’s most well-known TikTok celebrities. He is famous for his lip-syncs and lifestyle videos based on the current trends and famous artists. He is the proud owner of the 72 million hearts he has won and is paid for his innovative and hilarious videos. Find out more:

He is in South Africa. He’s 16 years old at the time of his the year 2019. He is South African by nationality. His zodiac signification is Aquarius. He is most popular with youngsters. He is 5 7 inches tall and has a with a weight of about 76 kilograms. His eyes are brown and his hair is brown. He has a beautiful personality and adorable.

3: Chane Grobler :

Chane is another fascinating person to follow. Most of the time, she creates videos and dance contests with the tune. In general, Chane always publishes creative ideas that you’d like to look at. Presently, the channel has 3000 videos and 85 million followers. Anyone can follow @chanegrobler. Find out more: She has amassed more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. It was her first time as a professional dancer, but was forced to stop her dancing career due to an injury to her knee. She hit the 100,000 fans milestone on TikTok in October of 2018.

She is on Instagram under the name of Chane_grobler18.

Her birthplace was within the Province of Limpopo as a child and educated in Pretoria by her mother and grandma. The couple divorced after she turned 3 years old. Her younger brother is called Ethan.

4. Jessica Ballinger:

With the growing of her followers, Jessica could soon be added to the list of world’s most popular TikTok stars. As with many TikTokers they make short videos of dance and comedy. Additionally, she is an actress, who is famous for her ability to use supernatural abilities in the following films: War and Indigenous, Annie, and Of Mice of Me. The website has 40.7 million fans. Its ID name is @theonlymissballinger. Find out more about:

She has an YouTube channel on her own, which was initially used to upload videos of her children, but she began to get on camera more often in the latter half of 2014. in October 2015 she performed a parody version of an Macklemore tune with family members. The video has been viewed by more than 8 million viewers.

They along with Chris share six children: Bailey, Jacob, Parker, Duncan, Luke, and Teddy.

5 Witney Ramabulana

Ramabulana @witney8 is among the most well-known and entertaining TikTok stars. The 28-year-old isn’t completely depend on TikTok for her earnings. She is, however, an expert financial administrator for an IT business whose name is still to be determined. In general, she does humorous challenges. Her total is 24.4 million followers on her blog posts. Learn more about her:

WitneyRamabulana is a South African well-known Tiktoker. she is a charming and charming lady. She hails from South Africa and was born in the year 1992. She was extremely enthusiastic about modeling and acting from a young age.

As soon as TikTok was launched it gave her an international platform to showcase her talents and showed that she was able to succeed simply by following the passions she has. The dedication and determination she has shown for her passions is the result of what she is today.

6 Troy Shepherds:

Troy Shepherds is one of the most popular South African tick talkers. He has created humorous content which he posts to his fans on social networks. He has a large number of followers has been growing rapidly since when he joined social media. Troy has had an average of 54.6 million followers on his content. Learn more about

It has amassed a following of over 1.8 million users through the social media platform.

He created a parody of the feelings it is like to be coughing during class.

He utilized the Lego Yoda figure as his TikTok profile photo in early 2020.

The place he was raised is South Africa.

7 King Berto:

King Berto is a 26-year old South African star who is famous for sharing amazing and stunning videos with his fans. Berto is most well-known by his lip-sync content. Contrary to others, they name their followers The Royals. In January 2021, he had received more than 17 million hearts through his posts. Find out more:

Kingberto is also very popular on the photo sharing app, Instagram. Kingberto has set his username for himself on TikTok at @k1ngbert0. With the huge popularity of social media platforms, Kingberto has also worked with a variety of commercials. Born in, Kingberto hails from, South Africa.

8 Domain:

Damian the ID of which is amdamiansnp is a young, stunning and beautiful South African. Damian is one of the highest-earning TikTok starlets on the platform. Differently from other users, Damian creates content based on events that happen every day. Damian has so far received 22 million hearts for his posts about events. Learn more about

Damian is a name from the past which means “to to tame” as well as “subdue.” It’s an ancestor of”subdue” or “tame.” It is derived from the Greek term “Damianos” which could mean “master,” “overcome,” or “conquer.” Damian is a name that has been used for centuries. Damian is also associated with Damia, the Greek goddess of fertility Damia. The goddess of fertility, Damia is portrayed in Roman mythology, she is known as Ceres.

9 Kelly Kikx:

Kelly Kikx is a comedian who is also among the most talked about TikTok stars. Apart from being a celebrity on the social network and a 27-year-old professional model, actress and dancer. The number of people who follow her on social media is increasing every day, based on her hard work. All in all, her videos have earned 19.7 million through the app. The ID of the platform is @kelly_kikx. Based on the list above the majority of TikTok users from South Africa are between 17 and 26 years old. Furthermore the platform is used by young users. A few other TikTokers that you must follow include Tanisha Coetzee, Ceezy3, Lauren and Lara. Find out more:


September 11, 1992 (age 29)

South African dancer, actress and social celebrity who has garnered more than 950,000 followers on TikTok.

The first Instagram post came on July 23rd in 2013. The photo was taken with the famous choreographer Chuck Maldonado.

She danced for Honey 3 and Bring It On Cheersmack: Worldwide. She also served as an assistant choreographer on Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure.

Her birthplace was in South Africa on the 11th of September, 1992.

10 Connor Weyer:

Is Weyer has the highest number of tick talk SA users? One could ask. Its followers are growing along according to the style of music. He was born the 16th of January 2002 from Port Elizabeth. Many of his fans are familiar with him for his slow-motion video content music, videos, as well as other difficulties. Learn more about:

If you know the persona Connor Weyer (a.k.a. @connor_weyer) Don’t be shocked. He’s not only a verified TikToker and part of The Viral House ZA (a Hype House collective comprised of a variety of famous South African creators), but also a content producer in the early times of Connor achieved his status as an influencer prior to TikTok’s existence like it does today and has continued to build that reputation in the new world of entertainment. Since his beginning his journey, he’s accumulated 730K followers on his account. Furthermore, his total following is now 28 million. That’s a number worth shouting about.

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